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On this page, baseball drills by category, all drills posted are ones which I have used successfully over the years, for baseball camps ages 6-15, as well as high school varsity.

There are thousands of drills out there. Through the trial and error process you can develop a set of drills that work for you, and your situation. Adopting a set of core drills that you can use, year after year, will provide you with some consistency and stability within your practice structure, and program.

Keep on the lookout for a new, and possibly better way to accomplish something. Two years ago, while playing one of the teams in our conference, we noticed they had developed a unique between innings, infield warm up. We were quick to implement it into our system, as it cured some issues we had been having with loss of focus. That drill is listed in the infeld drills below, as infield, between innings warm up.

My first year with the Diamondbacks' Training Centers, we were teaching relays. One of the coaches I was working with added the running relay portion to the relay drill listed in Team Defense below. I have been using it as such ever since.

Just a couple of examples of ways to spice up your drills, adding to your base package as time goes by.

Some Practical Thoughts On Baseball Drills By Category

  • Drills are the essense of sports.

  • Knowing the fundamental basics within each drill, allows you to make on the spot corrections and suggestions for the players.

  • Look for versatility in your drills, can they provide you with more than one purpose? You will ALWAYS find that time is short, making versatility more important.

  • Keep drill segments to a time allotment. If it's not working, move on. If they have accomplished your goal for that drill, move on, even if you have time left in your schedule.

  • Select drills that are easily implemented as well as fun. Lining up on the foul line to run sprints has been fun for very few over the years. Working on increasing your base running times, somehow isn't running, it becomes good hearted team and individual competition. In doing so, you gain practice time on baseball skills; but maintain the conditioning. Win/win! This is but one example, you can accomplish the same results with any skill you want to work on.

  • The more activity, the better. Keep groups small, repetitions high. If a drill runs for too long, quality of the repetitions diminishes, not from fatigue; but from loss of concentration.

  • Strive to stay away from situations where you are painted into a corner. Running a drill until players have completed X number of perfect repetitions can be counter productive.
  • The focus often shifts from fluid athletic movement to robotic, by the numbers movement, in the hopes of not making a mistake.

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    Base Running

    base running
    Down Angle Drill


    Bunt Placement

    Bunt Recognition Base Running Drill



    Fun Games

    fun games
    4 Corners




    Two Ball Game





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    Around the infield with baserunner 
    Rick A. submitted: Player at every infield position including catcher. Base runner at 1st base. Coach hits a ground ball to SS, runner goes on contact …

    Bucket Drill 
    Coach sits on a bucket behind pitchers mound (Honey Hole). He will roll slow rollers to either SS or 2nd base. The drill is designed to have the …

    Josh's Sacrifice Bunting Competition 
    Choose two teams of equal ability. Each player bunts two balls. A missed bunt attempt counts as one ball. Place three bats up the 3rd base line: the first …

    Intensity Drill 
    Split team into two teams like an inner squad Each team will start from respected dugout Play 9 or 7 simulated innings Coach randomly hits fungos …

    Outfield Elimination 
    Bob submitted: Spread the entire team across the entire outfield (25 feet in front of fence or so) and hit fly balls randomly to left, center, and right. …

    Follow your throw. 
    Tony submitted: All players at SS position. Put a guy on 1st base,2nd base,3rd base and home plate. Coach has fungo bat in front of home plate. Coach …

    Around The World 
    Players always follow their throws: Base hit to LF who throws to 3B who throws to Catcher who throws to 2B who rolls the ball to SS who throws to 1B …

    Finding lost balls in the Outfield 
    Many times an outfielder will see the ball off the bat, get a great jump, take the right route & make a tough ball look easy. However, whether it's sun, …

    IntensiTEE Not rated yet
    Split team into two. one in field, one at bat. All batters wear helmets. Batter gets one swing off tee. batted ball is live. If foul he is out. Next batter …

    Crazy Ball Not rated yet
    Kids called this one crazy ball though you can call it whatever you like. I allowed winning team to name. Need tennis ball and racket (a bat would work …

    Pitcher Covers First Base on Ball Hit to the Right Side Not rated yet
    Pitcher covers first base on ball hit to right side when ball hit to the right side of the infield. Place a cone 8-10 feet in front of first base for pitcher …

    recieving drill Not rated yet
    Nate submitted: Mainly for middle infielders, but a good skill to have for all positions. You replace your glove with a baseball, tennis ball, or …

    Fast ball/ off speed  Not rated yet
    Lance submitted: Equipment needed Tennis Balls Concrete cinder block standing upright Position players with front foot even or just behind middle …

    2 Ball Triangle Not rated yet
    Rob submitted: 3 players, with their gloves, set up a triangle with one player eight feet away from the other 2 players while the other 2 players set …

    soft toss high/low Not rated yet
    Coach Schupak submitted: Soft Toss: High/Low A coach will toss two balls at the same time: one high and one low. Instead of the coach yelling out a …

    Three Bag Not rated yet
    Set-up: Place one throw down bag 15 feet up the line from 1st base. Place a second throw down bag 15 feet down the line from 1st base. Place 3 buckets …

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