The Ole Ball Game

Small Ball Bunt Competition ~ Repetitions In A Fun, Competitive Practice Environment!

Small ball bunt competition provides practice on the short game, combining a lot of repetitions with some fun and the added sidelight of team conditioning.

All the possible short game opportunities can be highlighted, in a short amount of time.

This baseball offensive drill concentrates on just one aspect of the game, producing far greater results than having players bunt twice before they swing in BP.

Baseball Equipment Needed

  1. Players divided into teams.

  2. Basket of baseballs.

  3. 4-6 cones to designate bunting lanes.

  4. 4 cones to designate distances to run to.

The Drill

small ball bunt competition drill

  • Teams of 3 or 4 players, at home plate.

  • Coach calls out bunt required;

    1. Sacrifice bunt, 3B side.

    2. Sacrifice bunt, 1B side.

    3. Base hit bunt, 3B side.

    4. Base hit bunt, 1B side.

    5. Safety squeeze.

    6. Suicide squeeze.

  • Player executes bunt called.

  • New bunter, for each team, each round.

  • Ball that is bunted correctly, in the designated area, that team runs to cone 1 and back.

  • Sacrifice bunts must be strikes, or the bunt is not counted and that team runs to cone 3.

  • Ball bunted in the air, that team runs to cone 4.

  • Missed squeeze bunt, that team runs to cone 4.

  • Ball bunted foul, that team runs to cone 2.

  • Ball bunted back to pitcher, that team runs to cone 4.

Small Ball Bunt Competition Tips ~ From The Dugout

small ball bunt competition tips ~ from the dugout

  • Cone running distances are flexible. Set up a system that works for your situation.

  • In the diagram cone 4 is shown with an arrow, due to lack of diagram space. We set ours at halfway to right field foul pole.

  • Set infield cones as wide or as narrow as you need to suit your situation and players.

  • Players must bunt only strikes in sacrifice, base hit and safety squeeze situations.

  • Players must bunt everything on suicide squeeze bunts.

bunting forces the defense to defend the area from the plate to the mound.

Force Your Opponent To Play The Game!

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