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What are your baseball coaching philosophies? These determinations will be the first and most important decisions you make, before the start of your season.

Sometimes the word philosophy can appear intimidating, let alone multiple philosophies. When you look at it closely, a baseball coaching philosophy is no more than what you as a coach are all about ~ what your program is all about, what you believe in.

Even if you have yet to coach your first season, you already have philosophies. Those beliefs are there, you may not yet have thought of them in the context of coaching baseball; but they are a part of your belief system.

How do I go about generating my philosophy into a living, breathing, working, baseball entity?

A Good Starting Point Is To First Think About, Then Write Down, Your Baseball Philosophies.

The checklist below is offered as a guide to this process. You may identify some additional areas that you would include. All will have a part in how and what you teach, the way you conduct your practices and games, as well as the ways in which you interact with all individuals involved.

  • Coaching

  • Pitching

  • Hitting

  • Base Running

  • Offense

  • Defense

  • Team Rules

  • Playing Time

  • Winning and Losing

  • Umpires

  • Parents

  • Opposing Players and Coaches

  • Assistant Coaches

  • Discipline

  • Last But Not Least ~ Your Players

baseball coaching philosophy ~ pitching, is it 90% of the game?

These philosophies are a must if you are going to be successful. They are the creator of your goals and a road map to follow, taking the program in the direction you want it to go.

As there are many component parts, it is possible portions of your philosophy may change in the short or long term, while leaving the rest intact.

There are constants in every program that do not change, year to year, regardless of changes in players, talent, assistant coaches, administrators or league officials. Some beliefs apply across the seasons.

One possible area this might occur is team rules. Say you believe that players do not throw equipment, the team's or their own. Violation of that rule results in being taken out of the game.

Year in, year out, that rule probably would never change.

Producing A Written Philosophy

Questions To Think About As You Begin Writing

  1. What qualities make your program successful?

  2. What are the things in your program that you can control? Supposing you cannot control wins and losses(and you can't), what things can you control?

  3. What are the beliefs and principles on which your philosophy is founded? What is your program all about?

  4. What three words best describe your program?

  5. What three words best describe you as a coach?

  6. What do you want your players to remember about playing for you, once they leave the program?

  7. What is it about you and your program that would make them want to have their son play in that program?
  8. Baseball Coaching Philosophy Tips ~ From the Dugout

    baseball coaching philosophy tips ~ from the dugout


    What Kind Of Baseball Coach Are You ~ Or Might You Be? How Do You Wish To Be Remembered?

    Strict Jerk Hothead
    Disciplined Sorry Psycho
    No-Nonsense Weak Fair
    Mean Organized Bad
    Challenging Unorganized Too Nice
    Cool Joke Good Guy
    Kickback Awesome Idiot
    Intense Great Knothead
    Ferocious Fun Nut
    Demanding Weirdo Quiet
    Pro Sarcastic Whiner
    Big League Gamer Motivator
    Psychologist Positive Negative
    Hardnose Laidback Tough
    Psychiatrist Winner Loser
    Architect Front Runner Juggler
    One-Track Mind Intimidator Rebel
    Counselor P.R. Man Antisocial

    What's At Stake?

    1. Your Coaching Reputation
    2. Your Program's Reputation
    3. Your Player's Reputation

    When I Was Managing, I Was Father To Twenty Five Players, Not Just One Or Two. So When I Looked Out At Second Base And Shortstop, I Saw Just Another Pair Of Young Guys, Out In The Middle Of The Diamond. I Never Thought Of It From A Father's Perspective.

    (Cal Ripken Sr. ~ on managing his two sons/Cal Jr. and Billy)

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