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Baseball Practice Organization, So Much To Do, So Many Players, So Little Time!

It can seem so overwhelming, this subject of baseball practice organization. How is it possible to cover all the material there is, let alone have time to effectively work on each item?

Just the multitude of game situations can be mind boggling, especially when you add in every player's responsibility, making each situation a times 9 factor.

Still lurking in the bushes there are individual skills, both defensive and offensive, rules of the game itself and any additional rules which may be unique to your league, team rules and parent communication. WHEW!!

Baseball practice and coaching aren't as overwhelming as they may appear at first glance. They are actually two of life's great pleasures.

You have sun, fresh air, green grass, time spent as part of a group with common goals and purposes, sharing everyone's setbacks and achievements, and all the while building a lifetime of memories.

Numerous are the times people told me they wish they could be out on a baseball field every afternoon, rather than confined inside at work. I knew what they meant. The game has always been therapeutic for me, both as a player and coach.

Free Therapy

As I began writing this page, this thought crossed my mind. How many baseball practices might that actually be? If computed without game days, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4500 and still counting. Now, that's a lot of free therapy!

Practice Organization Tips ~ From the Dugout

baseball practice organization tips ~ from the dugout

My Message To Coaches Of Young Players Is That By Having Shorter Practices And Doing More Things At One Time, You Keep The Attention Of The Kids! ( Cal Ripken Sr. )

Six Initial Steps To Orchestrating Quality Baseball Practices, Being Organized And Having A Plan.

  1. A good starting point is to first think about, then write down, your baseball philosophies. The checklist below is offered as a guide to this process. You may identify some additional areas that you would include. All will have a part in how and what you teach, the way you conduct your practices and games, as well as the ways in which you interact with all individuals involved.

    • Coaching

    • Pitching

    • Hitting

    • Base Running

    • Offense

    • Defense

    • Team Rules

    • Playing Time

    • Winning and Losing

    • Umpires

    • Parents

    • Opposing Players and Coaches

    • Assistant Coaches

    • Discipline

    • Last But Not Least ~ Your Players

  2. List the assistant coaches you have available, and their experience.

  3. Determine the number of players that will be on the roster.

  4. List the age and experience of each player.

  5. Determine the actual number of practice days there are before the first game.

  6. List the baseball skills you want to teach, in a priority order.

Formulating A Broad Plan

With the information gathered in the 6 steps above, a broad plan can be formulated to outline and ultimately structure what you want to teach, as well as what order and in how much detail, at least up to the first scheduled game.

It is possible to carry that plan on through the season, making adjustments as you go, for the situations which inevitably arise in the games.

Retaining ownership of the plan can keep the plan from owning you. If you look at that plan as a flexible tool you can reshape on a moment's notice, it won't become the unyielding monster, that doesn't allow you to breathe.

Thinking of time allotments as just guides, you are able to go ahead and move on, when a drill has accomplished its' goal for the day, even if there is allotted time left. You can always hit longer, take extra ground balls, or even stop practice early as a change-up. If a drill isn't going so well, sometimes it's better to move on and come back to it another day, or later that same practice.

By creating an overall plan, it becomes much easier to develop the day to day practice plans, in any format that is comfortable for you to work in. BE YOURSELF, DO WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU!

The best comments you can hear? Wow, is practice over already? It feels like we just got here.

They are telling you that you're right on the money!

Inside the links listed below, we will focus in on practice plans and practice ideas.

What Can I Do Today That Will Bring Me One Step Closer To My Mission?

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Practice Organization Structure

Players do best when it is comfortable, as they will know what is going to happen next.

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