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Welcome to the Individual Instruction page of Lessons available in Tucson, and the surrounding area.

The goal is to create a program, taking you from where you currently are, helping you to obtain the goals you have for the immediate and long term future.

What Can I Do Today That Brings Me One Step Closer To My Mission!

Lessons and workouts available: Please contact me at (520)955-3861.

  • Quality Batting Practice

  • Quality ground ball or fly ball fungos

  • Infield

  • Outfield

  • Hitting

  • Base Running

  • Throwing and Receiving

  • Mental Game ~ Instruction in the aspects of the mental game are emphasized within every topic. It is my personal belief that the mental game is the seperater between individual players as well as teams.

    I do not offer Pitching Instruction.

John Wooden, UCLA Ledgendary Basketball Coach"

The Most Important Key to Achieving Great Success is to Decide Upon Your Goal and Launch, Get Started, Take Action, Move! (John Wooden)

Rates For Instruction ~ From the Dugout

rates for instruction ~ from the dugout

BP and Fungo

  • BP 30.00 per hour / Fungos $20.00 per hour

  • Individual Instruction

    • $30.00 per hr, if scheduled in single one hour blocks.

    • $25.00 per hr, if scheduled in 4, one hour block units.

    Family or Buddy Rates ~ Up To 3 Students

    • $15.00 each per hr, if scheduled in a single one hour block.

    • $12.50 each per hour, if scheduled in 4, one hour block units.

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