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Baseball Skills Checklist ~ Sitting Down And Making A Map Of Skills And The Days You Plan To Cover Them Will Assure That Things Don't Get Left Out

The list below, Baseball Skills Checklist, was designed some 36 years ago, in my rookie coaching season. It served me well at the time and all years since, providing a checklist and order with which to teach on field details. I include it as a reference for building a list which will work in your particular situation.

The make up of each squad is the determining factor for how much time is spent on the various skills, as well as your coaching philosophy and the age level being coached.

Sitting down before the season starts to develop a map of skills and the days you plan to cover them will assure that things don't get left out.

That map keeps you organized and provides players with a confidence the program is organized and everything that is done, is done for a beneficial reason.

No matter what level you are working with, everyone has a predetermined number of practice days to prepare.

However long you coach, you will never feel that you have enough time to get ready. The trick is to move forward so that your players believe they are ready, whether they truly are or not at that point.

Once the games start, you may find that your plan requires adjustment, as you take note of events in your games. Attempt to fix what is immediatly going wrong and return to your original plan when you can.

The ability to be flexible will pay big dividends.

Baseball Skills Tips ~ From the Dugout

baseball skills tips ~ from the dugout

Whether There Is A Need For All Of The Baseball Skills Checklist, More Or Less Than These Skills On The List, Organization Is The Key To Gaining The Confidence Of Your Players!

Baseball Skills Checklist

  1. Leadoffs.

    • First base.
    • Second base.
    • Third base.
  2. Steals.

    • From first base.
    • From second base.
    • Delayed steal.
  3. Tagging up.

  4. Sliding

    • Pop up.
    • Hook.
    • Head first.
  5. Running bases.

    • Lean / look / stutter at first base.
    • Run through first base, not to first base.
    • Turns at first base, second base, third base.
    • Look to take the extra base ~ Doubles and triples are made "out of the box".
    • First base to third base / coach, base, coach.
    • Reading ball down angle and taking the base.
  6. Pitchers cover first.

  7. Sacrifice bunt.

    • Runner on first base.
    • Runner on second base.
    • Runners on first and second base.
    perfectly executed squeeze bunt, 1957 World Series
  8. Squeeze bunts.

    • Suicide.
    • Safety.
    • Double suicide.
  9. Rundowns ~ all bases.

  10. Hit and run.

    • Runner on first.
    • Runner on second base.
    • Runners on first and second base.
    • Runners on first and third base.
  11. Bunt and run.

    • Runner on first base.
    • Runner on second base.
    • Runners on first and second base.
  12. Double steal.

    • Runners on first base and third base.
    • Runners on first base and second base.
  13. Relays.

    • Single.
    • Double cuts.
  14. Holding base runners.

    • First base.
    • Second base.
  15. Pickoffs.

    • First base.
    • Second base.
    • Third base.
  16. Rules of the game.

  17. Game management and structure.

    • Sprint on and off the field.
    • Polite to umpires.
    • Between innings infield warmups.
    • Between innings outfield warmups.
    • Between innings pitcher / catcher warmups.
    • Gloves and hats while we are at bat.
    • Personal gear.
    • Bench responsibilities.
    • Shagging foul balls.
    • Keep dugout neat.
    • Pay attention to the game.
    • Equipment set up.
    • Bats, gloves, feet and scoreboard do all the talking. If we are playing well, we don't need to talk. If we are not playing well, we have no room to talk. If you have something to say, make it something positive to our team.
    • Respect The Game ~ Everyone In It ~ And All That Came Before You!

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