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Baseball is full of human interest stories. Share yours with theoleballgame and the world. If you aren't ready to submit a story, feel free to read those that already have been submitted and leave comments for the authors....they'll definately appreciate your support.

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Tommy John and Its Impact on the Younger Generation 
Brennen's Personal Baseball Story: To start off, I do not coach a team myself but I am a pitching instructor. I am also in college and play competitively …

Discussion on the mound  
I'm coaching a little league team here in Connecticut. Coming into the last inning we are up by one run. Our closer was a little tense after putting the …

Managing a 55+ year old team 
For the past three years I have been managing a team of ballplayers who are 55+ years old in the Sacramento, California National Adult Baseball Association. …

My Father is October Baseball 
It's been 3 years since my father died. Three short years on the calendar that stretch for lifetimes in my memory. There are days where I forget what it's …

My Greatest Day in Baseball 
One of the first books I remember reading was My Greatest Day in Baseball by John P. Carmichael and others. Published in 1951 by Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, …

Just South of Cooperstown 
Yesterday, I got to take a special trip to a wonderful place that I have been wanting to visit for quite some time now. You know that place I’m talking …

Someone Is Watching! 
I have been waiting to have a page on the site where this story could be told, so I will make the initial submission to this page and hopefully others …

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