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Baseball Hitting; Fence Drill ~ The Longer It Takes To Get The Bat Head To The Ball, The Greater The Chance Of Missing It, Or Being Late On The Pitch!

The purpose of the baseball hitting, fence drill is to correct a long and looping swing. The longer it takes for a hitter to get the bat head to, and through the baseball, the greater the chance of missing it, or being late on the pitch.


  1. Player.

  2. Bat.

  3. Backstop or wall.

Set Up

  • Player stands at a 90 degree angle to the screen, facing an imaginary pitcher away from the screen.

  • fence drill, feet
    fence drill, swing

  • Stand with back foot, one foot away from the backstop.

  • Hitter visualizes pitcher loading to throw and takes his load/stride at the same time, tracking the imaginary pitch and taking a full swing.

  • A long, looping swing will result in the bat barrel contacting the fence.

Baseball Hitting Tips ~ From the Dugout

baseball hitting tips ~ from the dugout

Swing Corrections

  • Shorten bat path to the ball by having the hitter take the knob of the bat to the ball, and the palm of their top hand to the pitcher.

  • With younger hitters, quite often, looping swings are caused by reloading their hands a second time before they swing. They are already loaded back with their load/stride, so the second load becomes down/up, wrapping the bat barrel behind their head, causing them to lengthen their path to the ball.

Coaching Points

  1. Remind hitters to load/stride just once.

  2. Close to 80% of fly balls and pop flies are caught for outs.

  3. Close to 42% of line drives and ground balls are caught for outs.

  4. Long, looping swings create more fly balls, pop flies and missed pitches.

  5. Due to the longer time requirement to get the bat through to the hitting zone with a looping swing, hitters have to start their swing earlier, thus having less time to decide if the pitch is good to hit, or not.

  6. The longer time requirement causes hitters to always be "in a hurry," generally resulting in extra movement of their head, opening their front side and losing track of the baseball.

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