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Two Skill Box Drill ~ A Great Activity To Use In A Tryout Situation!

two skill box drill

The two skill box drill creates a lot of activity in a short time.

This is a great drill to set up for a tryout situation, as one coach is able to compare 4 players at one time, in the same skills, fielding ground balls and receiving.

  • Adjust the size of the box to be compatible with the age of the players.

  • Starting point can be any of the 4 players.

  • Player with the ball can throw the ball up either side, in the air, or diagonally across on the ground.

  • If the player receives the ball up the side, in the air, he must throw a ground ball diagonally across.

  • If you receive a ground ball, you must throw it up one side or the other, and that pattern just repeats itself.

  • In the diagram, the orange line is a ball thrown in the air to the player, the red line is a ground ball thrown diagonally.

Coaching Points And Things To Look For

  • Are players in a good fielding position?

  • Are they fielding ground balls, and thrown balls with both hands?

  • Are they moving their feet to the ball?

  • Are they anticipating the throw and getting their body turned as they make the catch, lined up to where they will be throwing?

  • How is their throwing motion?

  • How is their accuracy?

  • If you have more than one group working at the same time in the outfield, it helps to stagger group positions so errant throws don't hit players in another group.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out! ( Robert Collier )

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