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~ Baseball Rules, Force Play Removed. As An Infielder, What Do I Do Now? ~

Baseball rules, force play removed; as an infielder what does this mean and what do I do now to complete the double play?

Visualize yourself standing at first base, holding the base runner on. With one out, your pitcher is looking to throw a good, low strike, hoping for the ground ball that leads to "the pitchers' best friend", the double play.

The pitcher leans in, gets his sign and comes set. He checks the runner at first and delivers.

As you take your shuffle step away from the bag and position yourself, the hitter swings and sends a screaming grass cutter straight at you.

No time to think, just react. You do what you have done a thousand times before in practice, stay down through the ball and field it cleanly.

Almost on the bag, you turn and step on first base to record the put out on the batter/runner, for out number two.

As an infielder, what do you do now?

By stepping on first base, the rule says that the force play at second base is now removed. That means the base runner must be tagged to complete the double play, ending the inning.

Since you are the infielder who removed the force, you yell "TAG", so that the shortstop knows the force is gone, and he can apply the tag upon receiving your throw.

force removed tag

No matter where it occurs, when the force is removed, the backside of the play must apply a tag to record the out.

Rules Tips ~ From the Dugout

Rules tips ~ from the dugout

The Rule States: Any runner is out when; failing to reach the next base before a fielder tags said runner or the base after that runner has been forced to advance by reason of the batter becoming a runner.

However, if a following runner is put out on a force play, the force is removed and the runner must be tagged to be put out.

Kansas City Drill ~ Good Multi-purpose Drill For This Rule

The following drill is a multipurpose infield drill, within which the "forceout removed" situation gets covered, in round four.

KANSAS CITY DRILL ~ This drill provides a tremendous number of ground balls to the infielders, working both right, left, and right at them. There are also throwing opportunities to throw and simulate double play pivots.


  1. Infield with bases.

  2. Baseballs, bucket or basket. The more you have, the less time lost to pickup.

  3. Infielders in their positions.

  4. Two coaches with fungos ( drill can be done with one fungo if your situation dictates.)


  1. Players in their respective infield positions.

  2. 2 coaches at home plate, one on the first base side, one on the third base side w/ baseballs and fungos.

  3. Coach on 1B side will be alternately hitting to 3B, then 2B.

  4. Coach on 3B side will be alternately hitting to shortstop, then 1B.

  5. One round of 4 alternating ground balls would go like this:

    • Ground ball to 3B.

    • Ground ball to SS.

    • Ground ball to 2B.

    • Ground ball to 1B.

    • Repeat as many, or few times as you want.

  6. Set time limits to whatever you need. There is little down time in this drill, so boredom is not a factor.

  7. If you have enough baseballs, have players set them to the side ( 1B ) or behind ( SS and 2B ), collect them all at the end of each round. If balls are limited, have players one hop them back to you. This can be a slow process at first for younger players; but a good throwing control skill to learn, if you have the time and patience.

Complete Four Round Sequence


    • Ground ball to 3B - Throws across to 1B.

    • Ground ball to SS - double play feed to 2B

    • Both ground balls to the players right.


    • 6-3 and 5-4 ( balls to their right and directly at them.)


    • 3-6 ( 1B plays back )

    • 4-6 ( balls to their right ) SS and 3B rotate at the 2B bag receiving throws.


    • 3-6 ( 1B holds runner ). This round provides an opportunity to teach the "FORCE REMOVED" rule, as the 1B's can step on the bag and yell "TAG", as they throw to second base.

    • 4-6 ( balls to their left )

    • SS and 3B rotate taking throws at 2B bag.

To Take This Rule To The Next Level

While the Kansas City Drill is essentially an infield skills drill, it provides a great opportunity to introduce the baseball rule, force removed concept, to the entire infield.

Taking this rule concept to the next level; Defensive Situations Off A Fungo Drill, allows you to create the " live in real time scenario" that will make for better team retention and increased comfort level within the game.

Baseball Rules


~ A working knowledge of baseball rules is essential for players to feel comfortable and enjoy success within the game.

Tagging Up

~ The base runner can go when.....

Force Removed

~ As an infielder, what do I do now?

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