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Outfield Drop Step And Go ~ Most Efficient Route To The Baseball!

The outfield drop step go drill is an easy and effective way to get younger players into an efficient route for running down fly balls.

Minimal equipment, easy to implement, this activity is fun for the players.

Equipment Needed

  1. Grass area.

  2. Outfielders, or all players.

  3. Basket of baseballs.

  4. Coach.

  5. Empty bucket, place with players to collect baseballs.

The Drill

outfield drop step go

  • Players in a line.

  • Coach with baseballs.

  • One player at a time comes out from the line.

  • Coach points out a direction (right, middle or left, ) player turns at 45 degrees to that side and runs.

  • Coach throws the ball out in front for the player to go and get it.

  • Players run the ball back to the empty bucket.

Tips ~ From the Dugout

outfield drop step go tips ~ from the dugout

  • If available, adding a coach to be with the players for immediate feedback, can pay big dividends.

  • This is an easy to use activity for tryout situations, or to provide all players on a team with additional skills, even if they may not play there right now. The more skills they acquire, the more valuable a player they become to themselves and the teams they will eventually play for.

  • Get some added value with conditioning, as the players run the ball back to the bucket.

  • Occasionally some players will start out running with their glove in the air, yet they have a long way to run before the catch can be made. This drill is a good opportunity for players to learn to run with their glove down, putting it up to catch the ball when they reach that point.

  • Good time to teach the ready position that you would like your outfielders to start in.
John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach

The Most Important Key To Achieving Great Success Is To Decide Upon Your Goal And Launch, Get Started, Take Action, Move! ( John Wooden )

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