The Ole Ball Game

2 Ball Triangle

by Rob

Rob submitted: 3 players, with their gloves, set up a triangle
with one player eight feet away from the other 2 players while the other 2 players set up 4-6 feet apart.

The player furthest away has 2 baseballs and starts the drill by rolling a grounder to one of the players, and rolls a grounder to the other player at the moment the 1st player throws the ball back to him.

The drill develops better hand eye coordination, softer hands, better timing, and the ability to better focus on the ball in play.

The ultimate goal is to execute the drill a
is quickly as possible while keeping both balls in play.

Rick commented: Sounds like a good, quick drill Rob. A lot of repetitions in a short amount of time.

Thank you for sharing!

Yours in baseball,


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Copyright© All Rights Reserved.