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Pitching Split Drill ~ Work Comebackers, Third Base Side Bunts, First Base Side Bunts And Covering First, All In One Drill!

the release of the pitch makes all pitchers the fifth infielder

This pitching split drill enables you to work four important PFP skills on all of your rotation, in a short and compact period of time.

While the first and foremost responsibility of those on the mound, is to throw strikes and get batters out, once the baseball leaves their hand they immediately become the fifth infielder.

pfp's are designed to make pitchers successful fielders

This additional responsibility carries with it some unique and sometimes difficult skills that need to be practiced, hence the creation of PFP ~ Pitchers Fielding Practice.

What Do You Need?

Equipment Needed

  1. Pitchers on mound, with a baseball.

  2. Third baseman, shortstop, second baseman and first baseman.

  3. Two catchers at home plate.

  4. Two coaches with fungos, at home plate.

Set Up

  • Infielders at their positions.

  • Catchers at home plate, one in each batters' box.

  • Two players, with a baseball, on the mound, one on each side lined up with a catcher. Rest of the rotation in foul territory, along the third base line.

  • Two coaches with fungos at home plate, one on each side, matched up to the player on that side.

How It Works

  1. Players on the third base side are working on turning comeback ground balls into double play feeds to shortstop, and fielding bunts up the third base side, throwing to the third baseman.

  2. Players on the first base side are fielding bunts on that side and in front of the mound, throwing to first base, as well as ground ball comebackers throwing to first base, covering first base on ground balls hit to the right side, receiving throws from the first baseman and second baseman, who are working on communication between each other and making what can be a tricky throw to the pitcher covering.

  3. Catchers receive the baseball and feed coaches with fungos.

  4. Coaches alternate which play they want with each new group.

  5. Rotation ~ Player on first base side rotates out after his turn, goes back into line, player on third base side of mound goes to first base side and a new one comes from the line to the third base side of the mound.

Coaching Tips ~ From the Dugout

pitching split drill tips ~ from the dugout

  • Remind all players to set their feet, before they throw.

  • Alternate balls between the first baseman and second baseman, so they have an opportunity to work on communication as to who is fielding the groundball.

Additional Drill Topics

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