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Infield Warm-Ups That Provide Purpose And Focus To Between Innings, While At The Same ime Building Player Confidence!

In this section about infield warm-ups, we will look at one important aspect which is often taken for granted and/or left to chance. It is one of those attention to details items, that truly are important.

The defensive time between innings sets the players focus for the inning itself. With a designed plan and routine, players must concentrate on the process, thus eliminating the casual throw and talk sessions which often occur. At the same time they obtain extra repetitions on skill work, without noticing that it takes place.

A lack of focus on these activities does carry over to the game, creating a lack of defensive readiness, which leads to mental and physical errors.

Infield Warm-Ups ~ Between Innings

Once you have introduced this warm up in practice take it directly to your games as your between innings warm up. I believe you will like the increased focus from your infielders, and the attention to detail look it provides to your team.

  • All 4 infielders keep their gloves and the 3 balls together in the dugout.

  • When their offensive inning ends, they grab their gloves and baseballs and hustle out to their positions. This hustle creates the time needed to benefit from the warm-up.

  • The SS sets his ball on the ground, near second base, then exchanges 4, quick catch throws, with the 3B, using the 3B's ball.

  • At the same time, the 2B and 1B exchange 4, quick catch throws. This part they only do once.

  • That accomplished, the 2B sets his ball on the ground near second base.

  • 3B simulates catching a ground ball and makes double play feed to 2B, 2B makes pivot and throws to 1B. 1B throws ball back to 3B, as 2B sets up on his ball, underhand feeds SS, who completes double play. 1B rolls ball back to 2B.

  • SS comes back around, simulates fielding his ball and underhand feeds 2B, who completes double play. 1B throws ball back to SS, who sets it on the ground.

  • That completes one round, the double play sequence starts over. They should get a minimum of 2 rounds per inning, most often will get 3 or 4.

As the season progresses, throws and pivots improve with the extra repetitions. Players have a definite plan to work on every defensive half inning, thus eliminating the talk sessions that can be focus killers, and the lazy throws that create bad habits.

Between Innings, Infield Warm Up Tips ~ From the Dugout

between innings, infield warm up tips ~ from the dugout

Have the 2B and SS vary the spot they set their ball, thus creating different throwing angles and pivot possibilities.

3B field and throw from different spots also, for the same reason.

This drill is only possible if the players keep their gear together in the dugout, hustle out to their positions and bring out the gear for any infielder left on base at innings end, A TEAM FUNCTION THAT IS A PART OF TEAM UNITY.

Last, but not least, your infield looks and feels like they have a plan and know what they are doing. They do! That alone is a big confidence builder for them.

While this between innings routine has skill development designs in mind, the true benefit from it comes in the purpose and direction given to the players, resulting in an improved state of focus for the activity at hand.

Loss of focus happens in all sports and at all levels, although much more frequently in younger players.

Providing activities which help to maintain that focus takes planning and effort; but is all worthwhile.

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