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Steal The Home Run ~ A Lot Of Fun And A Needed Skill!

every outfielders dream ~ to steal a home run

The steal the home run drill provides outfielders repetitions in preparation for that greatest of all outfield moments, keeping a ball from leaving the stadium, field or sandlot.

Players of all ages and skill levels share this same dream, to run full speed to the fence, leaping up and pulling the home run ball back into the field.

This spectacular of all plays is seen almost nightly on ESPN, certainly seen often enough that a person could be fooled into thinking it is not that special an accomplishment.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Many skills come into play on each and every one of those catches that are shown.

The player must see the ball quickly off the bat, get turned the correct direction and up to full speed in just a few steps.

Almost always, this is done with just one look. From that look, the player knows his path to where the ball will come down.

That skill by itself is special; but as they approach the fence they need to come under control, gather themselves and jump to catch the ball as it heads over the fence.

A miscalculation on their timing results in a home run, rather than an out.

Much has to happen, in a short period of time. When it all comes together, it is the stuff that dreams are made of, no matter where or what level you are playing at. A memory that will last a lifetime!

Steal The Home Run Drill ~ Tips From The Dugout

steal the home run drill ~  tips from the dugout

How Do They Do That?

  • Read the ball off the bat.

  • Turn and run full speed to the spot where they believe the ball will come down.

  • Locate the fence with your throwing hand, arm extended.

  • Time the jump to catch the ball before, or as, it goes over the fence.

  • Bring the ball back into the field as you come back down.

  • The best way to practice this is to have another player, or a coach, throw balls to the outfielder at the fence.

  • Start out at the fence and work on the jump and timing first.

  • Next move away from the fence so that the outfielder has an opportunity to work on locating the fence, getting under control and going up to make the catch.

  • It takes time and repetitions. Locating the fence is essential to prevent injuries.

The Right Results Come From The Right Approach ( Vince Lombardi ~ Green Bay Packers )

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