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Baseball Hitting Drill, Itchy Jones Has Developed A Workout You Can Do At Night, At Home!

With this baseball hitting drill, Itchey Jones, legendary coach at Southern Illinois and The University of Illinois, has created a drill that works indoors or out, summer or winter.

This is an easy to use drill that can be incorporated into a hitting station rotation, or one that players can modify equipment for and do at home. It works on their swing for pull, middle and away, as well as load/stride.


  1. One baseball.

  2. 1-4 players.

  3. Backstop or fence, if player is alone.

  4. Three signs, numbered 1, 2, and 3 to hang on the fence or backstop.

The Sequence

  • If working one player alone, hang three signs across the fence or backstop, if 4 players in a group, each player becomes a target. The middle player directly in front of the hitter, the other two 10 feet to his left and right. All three are 10 feet away from hitter.

  • Hitter interlocks little finger of top hand, with the index finger of the bottom hand, while holding a baseball in top hand.

  • Hitter load/strides and throws ball out of his top hand, to the number called out, either by a coach at that station or one of the three players.

Hitting Tips ~ From the Dugout

baseball hitting tips ~ from the dugout

Variation: Use A Rolled Up Sock Instead Of A Ball And Throw At Tape On The Walls Of A Room. You Can Do This At Night And All Winter Long In Cold Climates To Get A Lot OF Repetitions.

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