The Ole Ball Game

Baseball Drill ~ Hit And Get, A Simple, Yet Fun Game For All Ages!

Baseball drill, hit and get is a fun, change up competition for older players, and a skill builder for younger players.

This activity hits at the core of all the skills needed to be successful within the game, while providing a fun environment to work in.

The Game


  1. Batting.

  2. Fielding.

  3. Throwing.

  4. Base running.

  5. Conditioning.


  • All ages, modifications for younger players listed below.


  • Players with gloves and bats.

  • Field with bases.

  • Baseballs.

  • L-Screen.


  1. Divide players into two equal teams.

  2. Defense has a player at every position, except pitcher and catcher.

  3. Set l-screen up at mound, coach throws to hitters.

  4. Offense has one time through their lineup, per inning.

  5. When batter puts ball in play, he runs as many bases as he can, while the defense fields the ball and makes consecutive throws to all their fielders, finishing with a throw to the pitcher.

  6. Each batter scores a team point for every base reached.

  7. Defense must stay in their positions to receive the throw, only moving to field the batted ball, or an offline throw; but not to make the throw easier.

  8. Over throws must come back to the thrower, to throw again.

Points Of Emphasis

  • Batters focus on progressions, seeing the ball early and putting a good swing on the pitch.

  • Base runner works on hitting the inside corner of each bag, getting a good, tight turn.

  • Fielders work on fielding the type of ball hit, setting their feet and making an accurate throw. If needed, use a crow hop to throw the longer distances across the outfield. Infield work on quick feet, quick hands .


  1. Substitute coach thrown soft toss, for live pitching.

  2. For younger players, substitute Tee for live pitching, work up to soft toss and live.

  3. If players throwing and receiving skills are low, limit the throws to:

    • Ball caught in the infield, only gets thrown around the infield.

    • Ball caught in outfield, only gets tossed around the outfield.

    • Coach is still on the pitcher's mound to get the last throw.

  4. Rotate the fielders from outfield to infield, and vice versa each inning, to change up their throws.

  5. For older players, a catcher could be added to the infield, as part of the rotation.

Baseball Team Defense Tips ~ From the Dugout

baseball team defense tips ~ from the dugout

This is a truly fun activity, which works on a combination of the core baseball skills, hitting, base running, fielding, throwing and receiving.

A great game for really young players; but can be modified to create some greater challenges for older players to increase their skill level, all through the medium of competition.

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