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Outfield, One Look Drill ~ This One Takes Some Time And Patience

outfield fly ball

The outfield, one look drill was created to work on the ultimate fly ball skill, seeing the ball off the bat, turning and running to the spot where it will come down, in the players glove.

This activity is easy to set up, easy to run and extremely hard for players to accomplish at first.

Early attempts will have them setting up a long way from where the ball is coming down.

Working on it in short segments, over time they will close the gap and eventually set up under the ball.

There is nothing sweeter to see than a player who is able to turn their back and run to a spot, and be directly under the ball. You know they have done a lot of work to get to that point.

One Look Drill ~ Tips From the Dugout

one look drill tips tips ~ from the dugout

  • Players read the direction of the ball, turn and run to the spot they think the ball will come down, set up to make the catch.

  • In the beginning, coach can throw fly balls, eventually moving up to fungos.

  • The more height, the better. Provides them time to get there and set up.

  • At the same time, they can work on getting their thumb down, catching the ball on their throwing side, then crow hopping to make the throw back.

Somewhat Magical And Truly Enjoyable To Watch!

The catch is one of the most famous of all catches, in baseball's 170 plus years. Accomplished by Willie Mays, in the 1954 World Series, it is the ultimate use of this skill.

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