The Ole Ball Game

Fast ball/ off speed

by Lance Gandy
(Montgomery Tx)

Lance submitted:

Equipment needed
Tennis Balls
Concrete cinder block standing upright

Position players with front foot even or just behind middle of the cinder block and concentrate on driving the ball up the middle.

You can also use this just like a T, setting player up to hit the inside pitch ir outside pitch. Coach will hold ball out in front and drop on the cinder block. The player will load normally on the drop, concentrating on striding/loading on the fast ball.

Player will then hit the tennis ball after the ball hits the cinder block and the ball is on the way up before reaching the apex. Player should not let the ball reach a stopping point. This is working on the fast twitch muscle fibers because the player must fire quickly before the ball drops. This is to work on the fast ball.

To work on an off speed pitch the player will again load on the drop. This time the player will let the ball reach the top of the apex and then hit the ball on the way down. Players must focus on keeping the hands up and not dropping the hands.

To add a little spice to it you can set up a T behind the cinder block like a two T drill especially if you have a kid that likes to get under the ball.

This will help them concentrate on getting top half of the ball and driving through it.

You can also use this drill with fence drills, to keep from dropping the bat just before swinging.

You can also position tees on the outside part of the cinder block to help with a kid that might be casting his hand out instead of keeping hands inside the ball.

I would say this drill is great for kids 9 plus in age.

Lance, thank you for your submission.

Looks like a great, interactive drill. Certainly would make them focus on the task at hand.

Thank you for sharing! These are the things that make baseball great. By sharing, everyone benefits.

Yours in baseball,


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