The Ole Ball Game

recieving drill

by The Kid

Nate submitted: Mainly for middle infielders, but a good skill to have for all positions.

You replace your glove with a baseball, tennis ball, or racquet ball.

With a parter, or a wall, toss a secondary ball to your partner or off the wall and trap that ball with your throwing hand against the ball in your glove hand. This reinforces the idea of catching with two hands and also teaches to catch in the palm of your glove to allow for quicker transfers, I.e. double plays, relay throws.

With younger kids it is best to use tennis balls so they learn how to hold the ball in their glove hand properly with out smashing fingers. As they get the hang of it, encourage them to make tougher throws to their partner to force adjustments of their feet and hands to the ball.

Rick, theoleballgame commented: Nate, sounds like a good drill to help develop soft hands, something beneficial to all players, regardless of position.

Easy to teach and use most anywhere, anytime.

Thank you for sharing.

Yours in baseball,


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