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Circus Outfield Fungos ~ A Fast And Economical Way To Get Your Outfielders A Lot Of Fly Balls!

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outfielder setting up on fly ball

The circus outfield fungo drill is a brother to the infield circus drill.

If you are fortunate to have three coaches to hit fungos, your outfielders can receive a lot of flyballs of all types, in a short period of time.

Should you have only one or two coaches, you can split the group in center field between left and right, then move left and right field into the left center and right center gaps.

Outfielders quite often get very little defensive work. Every skill they will need and use can be covered in this drill. We seldom use it for throwing; but you could easily add a throwing segment into it at any point.

Outfielders at the youth baseball level often feel that they are in this position because they are not talented enough to play in the infield. We do this drill immediately after we do our infield circus drill, on a regular basis during the season. You will be happy with the improvements that regular, focused outfield work will provide.

Equipment Needed

  1. 3 empty buckets for the outfielders to put baseballs in.

  2. 3 buckets or baskets of baseballs, between the mound and home plate, for the coaches.

  3. 3, 2, or 1 coach(es) with a fungo to hit fly balls.

The Drill

outfield circus fungos

  • Divide the outfielders evenly between left, center and right field.

  • Each coach takes a field to hit to.

  • Players step up one at a time. After catching their fly ball, they take it and put it in the bucket, go to the end of the line.

  • What you work on is adjustable. Possibilities are balls in the gap, balls over their head, balls in front, do or dies, getting around ground balls in the gaps and foul line reverse pivots. Use the time to suit your current needs.

  • This is also a great format to use in a tryout situation. You are able to look at a lot of players, doing a multitude of skills, in a short amount of time.

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