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Bunt Recognition Baserunning Drill ~ A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck!

This bunt recognition baserunning drill is a time efficient, easy to set up activity.

Players receive conditioning and offensive techniques for all of your team's short game arsenal.

Equipment Needed

  • Players, divided into two equal groups.

  • Infield, with bases.

  • Coach, with a basket of baseballs.

  • Two cones or buckets to create accuracy lanes.

The Activity

bunt recognition baserunning drill

  • One group, divided evenly between first base, and second base.

  • Second group at home plate with a bat.

  • Players get good secondary lead shuffles, read ball off the bat, go or stay based on what they read.

  • Hitters, execute the play called for by the coach/pitcher.

    1. Sacrifice, 1B side.

    2. Sacrifice, 3B side.

    3. Basehit, 1B side.

    4. Basehit, 3B side.

    5. Bunt and run. Steal, 3 steps take a flash look to see what happens at the plate.

    6. Safety squeeze, have players move up to second and third for this.

    7. Suicide squeeze, players at second and third.

  • Hitters sprint to first base after their turn, then return to hit line.

  • After going from second, jog around to first base.

  • Rotate player groups after the number of repetitions you have decided on for the activity.

Drill Tips ~ From the Dugout

bunt recognition, base running tips from the dugout

  1. Check to see that players get good, aggressive secondary lead shuffles.

  2. Emphasize that hitters need to put ball on the ground first, run second. The short game is all about location, not speed out of the box. Sometimes a hard thing for young players to execute.

  3. All pitches must be strikes, except for the squeeze.

  4. Get players to move up in the box, contact the ball out in front.

  5. Extra coaches can work in the field or at the plate, as the activity progresses.

Mike Gillespie, Head Baseball Coach, USC

We Are Much More Interested In Placement Of The Balls Than About The Exact Timing. If We Place The Bunt Well, We Will Be Safe! ( Mike Gillespie, Head Baseball Coach, University Of Southern California, 1987 -2006 )

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