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Follow your throw.

by Tony

Tony submitted: All players at SS position. Put a guy on 1st base,2nd base,3rd base and home plate. Coach has fungo bat in front of home plate.

Coach hits ball to 1st guy in line at SS...SS throws to 1st..follows his throw and replaces guy on 1st...guy on 1st throws to 2nd,,follows his throw and replaces guy on 2nd base...guy on 2nd throws to 3rd base...follows his throw and replaces guy on 3rd base...guy on 3rd base throws to home...follows his throw and replaces guy on home plate..guy on home sprints to back of line.
Repeat as many times as you like to get the guys makeing proper throws.. The guys should be sprinting to each base. I usually go through the line once and the 2nd time I will hit a grounder as soon as the guy running from 2nd gets past the SS..
After a few times through the line the guys will be huffing and puffing a bit if they are sprinting.
Works on:
Proper fielding technique
Proper throwing technique

I use this at the high school level but have also used it from age 12 and up..even in softball.

Rick answered: Tony, looks like a great drill, works on playing catch, if not the most important element in a players game, certainly in the top 2.

The team that plays catch the longest generally wins!

Thank you for sharing with our readers.

Yours in baseball,


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Mar 09, 2013
Follow your throw _ Bam Bam Drill
by: Another Rick

Put two players at every base, and before you start make sure everyone has a ball in their back pocket. In case of a wayward throw you never stop. If you don't it disrupts the entire rythm.
Also, after 2nd throws he must jump over the next ground ball hit by the coach. the player at short must really concentrate when fielding and we practice base running techniques also.

Jan 30, 2013
by: Mika Sarjanen (Mets Helsinki, Finland)

I found this drill earlier by name "Follow the Ball". Great drill, my players like this. I modified it such:

1) Start with two catchers. First one crouches behind the plate while I fungo the ball to the shortstop, then he sprints to first base to back it up - if the ball goes by it, he catches it and throws to second base, first baseman following. Catcher then goes to the end of the line. Downsize of this is that there's only one ball in use, so I have to wait till it has gone around the bases - so I modified it again:

2) Start with three catchers, same as above, but when the second baseman starts to run to the third base - he'll run like a baserunner in front of the shortstop - I hit another ball (catcher 2 starts running to back up first base). So I can add a situation where the shortstop needs to see the ball from behind the runner. Also, two balls going around the bases makes the players run faster to the next base.

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