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Hitting Tee Inside Outside Drill ~ Work On Setting Their Hands, Loading Only One Time!

tee drill

The hitting tee, inside - outside drill works on setting the batters's hands, as well as driving pitches that are in and away.

For this activity, two tees are set up as in the picture above. In this picture they are set for a right handed batter. Reverse for lefties.

A coach, out in front and behind a screen, holds a baseball, drawing it back slowly.

The batter's set their hands and load/stride on the ball movement.

Coach calls in or away, player must hit that pitch.

Batting Tips ~ From the Dugout

batting tips ~ from the dugout

  • Check batter's hands. If they reset their hands to swing, then they are not properly setting the first time.

  • Resetting their hands will cause a long and late swing.

  • An alternative to standing out in front behind a screen would be to stand behind the batter and give the command load/stride, then in - away. This enables the activity to be run anywhere off the main field, into a fence or screen.

  • This makes an excellent station rotation activity.

How You Load And Stride Is Not As Important As When You Load And Stride. Hurrying Up Is Generally Never The Answer ~ Starting Sooner Is The Answer. Soon And Slow Son, Soon And Slow!

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