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Intra Squad Bunting Game ~ Preparation For Making Your Opponents Cover The Entire Field!

The intra squad bunting game provides skill development for the "short game", in a competitive environment.

Players not only work on skills; but the game provides them with an opportunity to practice assessing each situation and making decisions on what they need to do.

I have found players are reluctant to make a decision, in an actual game, to bunt for a base hit. They should be looking for the opportunity to present itself and take advantage of it. This drill provides them with the practice and confidence to do so.

It is all about taking control of their game and team. If we develop them in practice, they should have the confidence to do what the situations call for.

Equipment Needed

  1. Infield with bases.

  2. Helmets and baseballs.

  3. Two intra squad teams.

  4. Coach to direct the game.

Intra Squad Bunting Game

just one possible situation

Offense is allowed to:

  • Bunt for base hit.

  • Sacrifice bunt.

  • Safety and suicide squeeze.

  • Hit behind the runner.

  • Fake bunt and hit.

  • Fake bunt and steal.

  • Bunt and run.

Defense must:

  • Play position and depth according to the game situation presented.

  • Work on their verbal communication between players.

Intra Squad Bunting Game Tips ~ From the Dugout

intra squad bunting game tips ~ from the dugout

  • Play as many, or as few, innings as you wish.

  • Set up situations you would like to see, or let the game flow. Format is very flexible. Stop and instruct in real time, it doesn't get any better than that.

  • Extra bonus is that you also get the opportunity to work bunt defense skills at the same time, maybe getting a look at players in different positions. You never know what you may find out.

  • The ability to move players around can add to your teams overall versitility, as well as widening player's understanding of the game.

  • As players have the opportunity to make game assesments and read situations in practice, those skills transfer directly into competition. When you have players with the ability to think on their own and the confidence to move forward with it, you have reached the pinnacle in coaching! It is something special to watch it happen.

Wade Boggs, 17 yrs MLB, HOF 2005, 12 straight All Star appearances

If I'm Prepared I'm Confident. I Can Control That, So I Do Everything Possible To Be Prepared. That's As Much As I Can Do!(Wade Boggs)

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