The Ole Ball Game

Hitting Tee Vision Drill ~ This One Is A Real Challenge At The Onset!

Hitting tee vision drill

This hitting tee vision drill incorporates a baseball, set on the ground, 6' out in front, in line with where you are set up.

Set the height at just below belt high.

Have the batter concentrate on the ball out in front, swinging at the ball without moving their eyes.

For younger players, have them start by tracking back to the ball and then swinging, gradually moving towards not moving their eyes.

This makes a good station rotation station during BP.

Use whiffle balls and drive them into a fence or net.

Batting Tips ~ From the Dugout

batting tips from the dugout

  • This exercise takes some time and patience.

  • Good confidence builder when they get the hang of it.

  • Much like having an infielder dry field a ball with their eyes closed and throwing to first. It's all about learning to trust their skills.

Without Challenge There Is No Achievement

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