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If A Problem Will Show Up In The Batters' Box, It Will Show Up In This Fungo Hitting Drill!

This fungo hitting drill works great as part of a batting practice, station rotation.

Two players stay busy hitting ground balls to infielders, one on the first base side of the cage, to 3B and 2B; one on the third base side of the cage to SS and 1B.

Balls are hit between batting practice pitches, to keep the fielders safe.

This drill works well with high school players and will work well with Little League players, with some patience. In this setting, it is a station rotation.

With younger players, it can be a seperate group activity, where they line up on the foul line and hit to a partner who is in the outfield.

The partner shags the balls and keeps them in a pile, bringing them all in when he rotates to hit.


To get the optimum carry over to the batters' box, get hitters to walk into each swing, which creates a more even flow and rhythm, as you would like it at the plate.

  1. Right handed, hold ball in left hand/left handed in right hand.

  2. Hold bat with top hand at a spot on the handle that allows your bottom hand to grip handle under top hand, above knob.

  3. Start facing your target, walk into your stance with your back foot, turning it at approximately 45 degrees, as you would walking into a throw. This rotates you to a hitting position.

  4. Start with the bat barrel down, as you take that initial step, bring the barrel of the bat up, stop when the knob is about belt level.

  5. Drop the bat head down and come back in a circle, just like you were throwing a ball. Take it back up to your power position, at the same time tossing the ball up with your bottom hand, about eye level is good, much higher becomes a timing issue. You will find your perfect pitch with a lot of swings.

  6. Grip bat handle with bottom hand, swing down and squish the bug.

  7. Swing smooth, easy and balanced. Let the fungo do the work, just put it in the best spot, on time, to do its job. There is a rhythm that develops which is efficient and relaxing.

A footnote on which hand to toss the ball with. I had a coach in our conference tell me one time I was tossing with the wrong hand. I had never paid attention to which hand he tossed with, or anyone else for that matter. He is a great coach and a terrific fungo hitter, tossing with his top hand. If it works for you, could it be wrong? I tried his method, could never get the hang of it, that old dog new tricks thing I suppose.

Be kind to yourself, give yourself a good pitch to hit. Over time, on those occasions where you jam yourself, or catch that proverbial outside corner, you will adjust with your hands and salvage those tough pitches.

Hitting fungos is a terrific hitting drill for players. If a problem will show up in the batters' box, it will show up hitting a fungo.

Fungo Hitting Tips ~ From the Dugout

fungo hitting tips ~ from the dugout

It takes some time for players to become proficient at giving themselves a good pitch to hit.

Generally they toss the ball too high, which causes timing problems, or too low, which causes them to rush. Best to toss it at eye level, or no higher than the top of their head.

Younger players tend to start with the bat barrel aimed at the ground, toss the ball up, and then have to bring the bat up to a position they can swing from.

Get them to start with the bat where they normally would at the plate, only with just their top hand on the bat, their bottom hand with the ball.

They will be well on their way to making consistent and solid contact.

What You Can Learn From This Drill

Within This Fungo Hitting Drill, You Can Learn:

  • Balance problems.

  • Over striding.

  • Bat drag.

  • Not striding on line.

  • Vision issues.

  • Head movement issues.

  • Back foot problems.

  • Follow through, good or bad.

If A Problem Will Show Up In The Batters' Box, It Will Show Up When They Hit Fungos. In Some Instances, To A Lesser Degree; But Noticeable!

Players of all ages like to hit fungos and will benefit in a more refined, fluid swing.

It won't be long before they are hitting more line drives and ground balls, less pop flies and fly balls.

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