The Ole Ball Game

Outfield, 3 In One Drill ~ An Efficient Activity To Keep Players Sharp On Multiple Skills!

running down fly ball

This outfield 3 in one drill works on multiple tools, in one short and compact session.

Players are able to field a ground ball coming in, turn and field a fly ball over their head, and finish with a shoestring or sliding catch on a sinking liner.

As an added bonus, work can be done on their crowhops and throws, as they return all 3 balls to the coach.

What Do You Need?

Equipment Needed

  1. Players with gloves.

  2. Baseballs.

  3. Open grass area.

  4. Coach to throw, or fungo ball to players.
  5. Set Up

    fielding ground ball outside front foot
    fielding fly ball hit over head
    shoestring or sliding catch

    • This activity can be used strictly for outfielders, or used for all team members to increase team flexibility.

    • In the diagram on the left, the first player in line comes in and fields a ground ball thrown or hit by the coach, executes a good crowhop, returning the ball to the coach.

    • Player then turns and runs, center diagram, as coach throws or hits a fly ball over the players head, for him to get behind and field, or catch on the run, executing a good crowhop, returning the ball to the coach.

    • Player then runs straight towards the coach, diagram on right, who throws or hits a sinking liner, where the player either makes a shoestring catch, or a sliding figure 4 catch. After catch, crowhop and return ball to coach.

    • The next player in line steps out, and the sequence is repeated.

Outfield 3 In One Drill Tips ~ From the Dugout

outfield 3 in one drill tips ~ from the dugout

  • Emphasize getting glove down and through the baseball while fielding ground ball. Field ball outside glove foot. Their knees take the glove to the ground.

  • In center diagram, alternate between fly balls they can get behind, coming back through the ball to make their crowhop, and ball they can only catch on the run.

  • This is a good time to talk with them about running with their glove down. Many younger players want to put the glove up in the air while they are running to the ball, significantly slowing them down.

  • Having players alternate between a head high cutoff throw, and a one hop to a base throw, adds some additional skill work and interest.

  • This activity can also be done by pairing players up, one throws the balls for his partner, then they switch. This format is dependent on the skill level of the players.

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