The Ole Ball Game

Three Bag

by Gregg Colbert
(Irvine, CA)


Place one throw down bag 15 feet up the line from 1st base. Place a second throw down bag 15 feet down the line from 1st base.
Place 3 buckets near each base.


Align 3rd, SS, and 2b at their positions.
Align a first baseman at each of the three bases. If you don't have three first baseman, just use another position player.


One fungoes to third, one to SS, and one to second.


3rd throws to throw down bag nearest home.
SS throws to actual first base.
2nd throws to throw down bag nearest outfield.
1st baseman place balls in bucket.

Round One: Groundballs directly at the fielder.
Round Two: Align infielders out of position to their right and work on glove side ground balls.
Round Three: Align infielders out of position to their left and work on back hand.

This drill enables lots of ground balls and throws in a short period of time. We make it a competition between positions. Each coach begins with
a set number of baseballs (say 24). When all balls are hit count the balls in the buckets by the first baseman. The position with the most baseballs in their bucket wins. Reward/punish as you see fit. We usually give the winning position packs of gum.

Rick's comment: Great drill Gregg. It provides a lot of repetitions, throws and the element of competition. I can see where kids would really like this drill.

They receive a lot of work and not realize they are working.

Yours in baseball,


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