The Ole Ball Game

Team Offense Base Running Drill; Work all offensive base running skills as well as provide conditioning and competition.!

Team offense, base running drill; a terrific way to develop smooth and efficient turns, speed out of the box, as well as group conditioning.

turn at third base

Using this activity to polish and refine these skills, makes the best use of time spent, for the sake of the individual players and the group as a whole.

While we would all agree that conditioning is an important aspect of an individual or a team's season, the reality is there never seems to be enough time to work on all that needs working on.

To that end, the use of activities which have multiple purposes, make the most efficient use of the time invested.

Equipment Needed

  1. Field with bases.

  2. All players.

The Activity

  1. All players at home plate.

  2. Each player, in turn, executes each of the following:

    • Home to first, using lean, look, and stutter through the base.

    • Home to first, aggressive turn, shuffle back to 1B, keeping eyes on the outfield.

    • Home to second, working on a good, tight turn.

    • Home to third.

    • First to third. Good secondary lead, work on coach, base, coach technique as they approach second base. Using a base coach here to work on their looks will enhance the learning curve.

    • Second to home. Good secondary, good turn at third, reading what the third base coach is signaling.

    • First to home. Adding in all the above components.

    • Tag at third base. Coach yells out where the fly ball is, runner tags and goes on imaginary catch.

    • Home to home. The finale. Additional interest is created if you occassionally use a stopwatch and time each player. Over time players will realize that increased times come from fine tuning their turns at each base, not breaking stride and going hard out of the box.

    Offensive Tips ~ From the Dugout

    team offensive base running tips ~ from the dugout

    Using a stopwatch to time players creates extra interest.

    Conditioning is gained, while working on skill development, not just a one dimensional running activity.

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