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Keep Pressure On The Defense With The Baserunning, Down Angle Drill!

With the baserunning down angle drill players get multiple repetitions in a short span of time.

Teams that become proficient at reading down angles of pitches reap big dividends come game time, as they constantly put pressure on the opposing defense.

Equipment Needed

  1. Infield with bases, or a set up infield using throwdowns, in the outfield.

  2. All players.

  3. Coach to throw from the mound.

  4. Catchers in full gear.

  5. Basket of baseballs.

The Drill

down angle drill

  • Divide players into three groups and put a group at all bases except home.

  • Coach is on the mound with a basket of baseballs, throwing a variety of good strikes, balls in the dirt and air balls to the screen.

  • Catchers in full gear at home plate, working on their blocking skills.

  • Base runners get their primary lead, then secondary lead on the pitch as they read the down angle. Based on what they see, they either stop on their lead foot, and quickly get back to the base, or they sprint to the next base.

  • Runners on third base will not be able to go on as many balls as the other runners. If the other runners move up and the runner on third cannot go, he should return to the base, then jog around to first base. That will keep the numbers at each base even.

Baserunning Down Angle Tips ~ From the Dugout

baserunning down angle tips ~ from the dugout

  • Work within this drill can make a base running threat out of every player on the team. Speed is not a requirement, focus in the moment and being aggressive are the keys.

  • When a defense knows you will aggressively take the next base, they become reluctant to throw pitches like two strike curveballs in the dirt. That can become an advantage to your hitter standing at the plate.

  • If pitchers are concerned with what base runners are doing, it takes away from their pitch concentration and the possibility for a mistake goes up.

  • This drill will help build player confidence. If they know you want them forcing the issue through good reads and aggressiveness, they will work hard at proficiency. The first time they make it work in a game, they are hooked forever.

Ty Cobb, 892 stolen bases in a 24 year career.  Stole home 36 times.

On Offense You Have Fewer Ways To Fail After Putting The Ball In Play. Therefore: Attack, Attack ~ Always attack!(Ty Cobb)

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