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Kansas City Infield Drill ~ Keep Em Moving With This High Energy Workout!

infielder setting feet and gaining ground, in preparation to throw

The Kansas City infield drill provides a high energy environment for working on fielding and throwing mechanics, as well as double play feeds and pivots.

Length of time per round is determined by the number of baseballs available in the basket, and how quickly each fungo is dispatched. The more balls, the less time lost and the most skill time gained.

Players receive work on balls right at them and to both sides, as well as throws across the diamond and double play feeds.

The activity runs fast enough that there is the ability to rotate players to secondary positions by adding additional rounds.

This is also a valuable drill to run in a tryout situation, whereby many players can be looked at, in multiple positions. The opportunity is built in to evaluate arm strength, ground ball technique, footwork and throwing mechanics.

Equipment Needed

  1. Infield with bases.

  2. Basket of baseballs at home plate.

  3. Infielders in their positions.

  4. Empty bucket at each infield position to collect baseballs.

  5. Two coaches with fungos at home plate.

Kansas City Infield Drill Diagrams

  • Rounds One thru Three: Two fungos in every round. All ground balls, no throws. Coach on 3B side alternates between SS and 1B. Coach on 1B side alternates between 3B and 2B.
  • Round one,balls to their right, round two, balls at them, round three, balls to their left. Fielded balls get put in their bucket. When the basket at home plate is empty, the round is over. Players bring buckets in to home and refill basket, return for next round.

    round one
    round two
    round three

Round Four, Five and Six

  • Round Four: 5-3 and 6-4. Working on balls to their right and making the throw.

  • Round Five: 6-3 and 5-4. Working on balls to their right and at them, making the throw.

  • Round Six: 3-6 ( 1B play back) and 4-6. Working on balls to their left and making the throw. 3B and SS alternate taking the throws at second base.

  • round four
    round five
    round six

    Round Seven

  • Round Seven: 3-6 (1B hold runner on) and 4-6 working on balls to their right.

  • round 7

Kansas City Infield Drill ~ Tips From the Dugout

Kansas City infield drill tips ~ from the dugout

  • High energy drill similar to the infield circus drill, but needing only two fungo hitters instead of four.

  • For some added competition, on missing a ground ball or making a bad throw, players turn their hat one quarter rotation. When their hat has made one complete rotation, they are eliminated, or use as many rotations as you want. Last player standing gets some reward determined by coaches.

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The Best Way To Improve The Team Is To Improve Yourself!( John Wooden )

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