The Ole Ball Game

The Two Ball Game ~ An Easy And Fun Way To Improve Hand, Eye Coordination, As Well As Receiving Skills!

This two ball game is a fun, competitive activity which requires only players and two balls to play.

A terrific activity, it can be used to fill the time from when players finish stretching and throwing, until the game begins.

While you would ideally like that time frame to come out smoothly, often times things occur, leaving your team with time on their hands. Idle time generally means loss of concentration.

This activity takes minimal effort, yet directs their focus to the present moment and the task at hand.

two ball game

In the photo at left, #25 has tossed both balls at one time to the player on his right.

Both are catchable, one has been caught in the receivers right hand, the second caught in against his body and his left arm.

No outs recorded on this exchange.

The receiving player then has the option to throw to any of the 3 players in this circle, the activity continues on until there is only one player left.

Should there be 5 or more players, he could not toss to the players on either side of him.

Equipment Needed

  1. Two baseballs, tennis balls or smush balls. I would suggest tennis or smush balls for younger players, or players with limited receiving skills.

  2. Minimum number of players is two, no limit for the maximum.


  • Unlimited amount of players that can play at one time.

  • Players form a circle, equal distance apart from each other.

  • When there are more than 4 players, you cannot throw the balls to the person next to you.

  • Each player is given 3 outs

How Outs Are Created

  1. Throwing the balls to a player next to you, when there are more than 4 players.

  2. Dropping one or both balls when they are thrown to you. You only need one ball to hit the ground to get an out.

  3. Making a bad throw. Throws must be catchable, within arms reach of the receiving player.

  4. Throwing too hard is ruled uncatchable, and results in an out for the thrower.

  5. If you catch both in one hand, without using your body to aid in catching them, the thrower receives an out.

  6. When only two players are left, if one player catches both balls in one hand, the game is over.

Additional Game Management Rules

player with two hands up, catching both balls simultaneously

  • You can use your own body to catch a ball.

  • There is no height requirement for thrown balls; but they must be catchable within an arms reach of the reciever, up, down, left and right.

  • Balls can be thrown together out of one hand, or at the same time out of two hands, or at seperate times out of two hands; but both must be catchable.

  • Determination on whether a ball is catchable or not is based on a vote by the entire group, and needs to be a fair vote.

The Key To This Is Being Creative, And Always Be On Your Toes!

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