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Outfield Flyball Relay Drill ~ Work Three Skills In The Same Activity!

The outfield flyball relay drill will provide defensive work, throwing work, as well as an added conditioning bonus, all within the structure of the activity.

Getting behind the ball, setting up, coming through the catch while catching it on their throwing side, crowhop and throwing to the cutoff man are all worked in one repetition.

Equipment Needed

  1. Outfield area

  2. Players with gloves

  3. Baseballs

  4. One coach with a fungo

The Drill

  • Red arrows indicate fungoed ball, or thrown ball.

  • Tan arrows indicate player rotations.

  • On one repetition there is a fungo hit by the coach, which is fielded by the player, who throws to the relay, who turns and throws to the player back at the fungo.

  • Players then run to the next spot, which becomes the conditioning portion.

  • This activity allows everyone to get in a high number of skill repetitions, all related to being a more well rounded player.

Outfield Flyball Relay Drill Tips ~ From the Dugout

outfield relay drill  tips ~ from the dugout

  • If available, adding a coach to be in the field with the players catching the fly ball allows for immediate feedback and assistance.

  • This is an easy to use activity for tryout situations, or to provide all players on a team with additional skills, even if they may not play there right now. The more skills they acquire, the more valuable a player they become to themselves and the teams they will eventually play for.

  • Provides an opportunity to work on hitting the cutoff men, as well as working on anticipating the throw and turning glove side as the cutoff man.

Cal Ripken Sr.

A Player Who Can Play Several Positions Is A Very Valuable Commodity To A Coach! ( Cal Ripken Sr. )

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