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Four Corners Drill ~ Skill Development Disguised In A Game Format!

just one of the benefits derived within the four corners drill


In this four corners drill, the following skills and benefits are all a part of this activity.

  1. Throwing progressions.

  2. Base running, rounding bases.

  3. Receiving.

  4. Conditioning.

  5. Team competition and unity.

Age Level And Equipment

  • All ages, t-ball through high school varsity get into the competition.


  • Players with gloves.

  • Infield with bases.

  • 2 baseballs.


  1. Divide the group into two teams.

  2. One team starts at home plate, the other at second base.

  3. Players pick an order in which they will go in.

  4. One player at a time, from each team, runs three consecutive bases.

    • From home plate; first base to second base to third base.

    • From second base; third base to home to first base.

  5. Stop at the last base, set your feet and throw the ball to the next teammate in line, who catches and runs the three bases, etc.

  6. If there is an overthrow, or ball is missed, player must retrieve the ball, come back and touch the base, then run the three bases.

  7. After player throws the ball, he comes back and sits down.

  8. Team finished and sitting down first, in the designated spot, is the winner.

Four Corners Drill Tips ~ From the Dugout

four corners drill tips tips ~ from the dugout

  • Make players set their feet to throw.

  • Move their feet to catch the ball, don't reach.

  • Make accurate throws.

  • Good turns around the bases, hit inside corner of bag with right foot.

  • Have teams switch starting points after each game, as the team at home plate has an advantage on overthrows, due to the backstop.

Success Is The Result Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In And Day Out!

(Robert Collier)

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