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~ Control Your Attitude Through Your Self Talk ~ This Is The Most Important Skill! ~

Mike Candrea, the highly successful University of Arizona and United States Olympic softball coach, has this sign by his desk:

Great Attitude. . . . .Great Results

Good Attitude . . . . . . . . . . .Good Results

Average Attitude. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Average Results

Poor Attitude. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Poor Results

Some people believe that their attitude is beyond their control; but you can control your attitude, and are accountable for doing so.

Control Your Attitude Tips ~ From the Dugout

control your attitude tips ~ from the dugout

You Have A Choice On How You React To People And Things! ( Jeff Janssen )

Controlling Your Attitude

Controlling your attitude is nothing more than choosing to use and focus on productive self talk.

Try to be more aware of your attitude and how it relates to your performance and goals.

  1. Is this attitude helping me feel the way I want to feel?

  2. Is it helping me play the way I want to play?

  3. Is it bringing me closer to my goals and dreams, or further from them?

Controlling Negative Baseball Self Talk

  1. THOUGHT STOPPING. Immediately halt negative thoughts once they are detected.

  2. Verbally say STOP, out loud,or to yourself.
  3. red means stop

  4. Visualize a red stop light, or stop sign, like the one on the right. Zero in on the red light, "red means stop!

  5. Use a physical clue such as pounding your glove, or tapping your cleats with the bat.

  6. Reach down, grab a handfull of dirt and release it, as a cue to releasing your negative thoughts.

One Experience Concerning Release Of Negative Thoughts, Related By Jeff Janssen In A Seminar

This experience came from work with a University of Arizona basketball player, and involved the players inability at the time to let go of negative happenings during a game.

Regardless of the end of the floor, offense or defense, if the result wasn't personally positive, the negativity was carried to the other end of the floor. This carry over created a stockpile of negative thoughts, resulting in a much decreased production level, as well as a mounting negative effect on the players attitude.

Jeff's analogy for the player was to picture each negative thought as a brick they were carrying, up and down the floor. Over time, brick by brick, the load being carried gets heavier and heavier.

The suggestion was for the player to mentally grab the brick and to physically take their hand through the motion of tossing the brick to the side, thus releasing the negative thought from the load.

The player took the suggestion and put it to work, with great results. He said he might get beat defensively on one end, but in the transition would be running down the floor tossing away the imaginary brick.

Using that symbolism, he was able to reconstruct his attitude, as well as increase his performance.

Jeff said he was sure spectators wondered what he was doing with his hand, up and down the floor; but the results were all positive for the player and the team.

THOUGHT REPLACEMENT. View the situation as a positive challenge and focus on your own capabilities and strengths, instead of seeing it as a negative threat and focusing on your weaknesses.

Think of your mind as a T.V. What do you typically do when you don't like what's on a particular channel?

Grab the remote and search the channels until there is something you do like. Use your power to choose the channel, or thoughts on which your mind is focused.

If you don't like the self talk and attitude that your mind is tuned in to, just imagine you are grabbing your mental remote control and change your mind to something that you like and is productive.

If You Don't Control Your Self Talk, It Will Control You!

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