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Baseball Slump Busting; Stop Thinking And Start Humming!

All baseball players go through a time in this game when they are not performing up to their usual level. Slumps can be very frustrating and confusing.

Often associated with hitting, slumps actually affect every aspect of the game. Try these suggestions to help break out of your slumps.

Baseball slump busting can provide you and your players with a plan to decrease the impact of those inevitable slumps.

Baseball Slump Busting Tips ~ From the Dugout

baseball slump busting ~ tips from the dugout
  1. Find The Real Cause Of The Slump. Not all slumps are mental. Sometimes slumps can be caused by mechanical changes, physical fatigue or using different equipment. Be sure to rule these causes out before assuming it is all mental.

  2. Trying Smarter Often Works Better Than Trying Harder. Too often players think that trying harder will get them out of a slump. If a key does not fit in a lock, trying harder to force it in is not going to help. Usually, it is better to take a step back, assess the situation properly, and then come up with a smarter strategy.

  3. Focus On The Process, Not The Outcome. Focus on doing the little things that will lead to the outcomes you want. Instead of focusing on getting hits, focus first on seeing the ball well. Instead of focusing on strike outs, focus on throwing a strike in the location you want it. REMEMBER: WHEN YOU TAKE CARE OF THE PROCESS OF PERFORMING, THE OUTCOMES WILL USUALLY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.

  4. Stop Thinking And Start Humming. Many times slumps are caused by too much thinking and not enough trusting and reacting. Too much thinking gets in the way of execution. To clear your mind, try humming a tune to yourself. Everyone has a song that they can relate to relaxing them, or getting them jump started. It will help you relax and will occupy your mind on the song and away from the critical and analytical thinking.

Negative Commands

  • You cannot block out what you do not wish to think about by using a negative command.

  • Negative commands bring attention to the image of what you do not want to think about.

  • When you tell yourself,"don't strike out", the words "strike out" get reinforced. The word "don't" does not compute.

  • Making yourself aware of whatever negative messages you are giving yourself allows you to change them immediately.

  • Once you realize the negative thought is there, use an appropriate, calm tone of voice, rather than sarcasm, anger or defeat. No one likes to be yelled at, so you should avoid yelling at yourself. Be good to yourself!

  • When you wish to change your thought, replace it with one that serves and directs you in a positive way.

In the Batter's Box, the Most Functional and Appropriate Replacement Thought a Hitter Will Ever Have, "See the Ball". Remember it; Use it; Value it.

( H.A Dorfman, "The Mental Keys to Hitting") ( A Handbook of Strategies For Performance Enhancement )

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