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When should a runner on 2nd base tag up and when should they maintain a lead on a fly ball to the outfield. Thanks

Tag And Go?  Read The Distance, Know The Arm Strength

Tag And Go? Read The Distance, Know The Arm Strength

Anonymous asked: When should a runner on second base tag up, and when should they maintain a lead on a fly ball to the outfield? Could you answer for 1st base to? Third is pretty easy.

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

A fly ball, and you are the runner on first base, you want to gain as much ground towards second base as you feel comfortable in taking.

Your determination of that comfortable feeling is:
1. How deeply the ball is hit
2. Your foot speed
3. The outfielders arm strength (you know that strength by watching them take outfield)

The further away from first base that the ball is traveling, the closer to second base you can get.

If it is caught, quickly return to first. If it drops or is dropped, you will have a good chance to be safe at second, if you have worked on getting as far towards second as feels good to you.

From second base, with an average fly ball hit to the outfield, go back and tag.

If it is deep enough to advance, go on the catch. If not, take a good hard start towards third base to see if you can draw a throw.

At times, an outfielder will make a bad throw, providing you with an extra base, or possible two bases should the throw get into the dugout, or past the pitcher backing up.

It is always good to put the thought in the defense's mind that you might go.

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I have always found that base running is one of those separators between individual players and teams.

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Yours in baseball,


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