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~ Base Running, Second To Third; Your First And Main Responsibility Is To Keep Track Of The Baseball! ~

As a runner, base running, second to third, your first and main responsibility is to keep track of the baseball.

You have base coaches on both sides responsible for the middle infielders. At second base, you are responsible for the pitcher and to listen to the coaches.

Second To Third ~ Getting Your Lead

Secondary Lead At Second Base

I have always preferred to take leads at second as we took them at first base, straight from the base. No matter whether you are at first or second, you are always trying to pick up an additional base and the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

You can get a longer primary lead at second base than you could at first, one to two additional steps. Your steps are right, left, and three slide steps.

As the pitcher delivers to the plate, go into a three shuffle secondary. The same rule applies at second as at first, once the ball has been caught, hustle back to second base.

You want your secondary lead to time out so that you are on your right foot as the ball reaches the plate, so you can set that foot and hustle back.

With less than two outs and no runner behind you at first base, on a ground ball hit to your right stay at second, unless it gets through the infield.

If the ground ball is hit directly at you, or to your left, you are going to third. The base runner needs to make this decision as it happens, the base coaches cannot make it for you.

With less than two outs and an average fly ball hit to the outfield, go back and tag.

If it is deep enough to advance, go on the catch. If not, take a good hard start towards third base to see if you can draw a throw.

At times, an outfielder will make a bad throw providing you with an extra base, or possible two bases should that throw get into the dugout or past the pitcher backing up.

It is always good to put the thought in the defenses' mind that you might go.

On a clear base hit, pick up your third base coach right away to see what they want you to do. If you are scoring, take your turn as you did at first base, catching the inside corner of the bag with your right foot and pushing off towards home plate.

The fewer steps you take, the better chance of being safe at home plate.

Base running, second to third, freeze on line drives with less than two outs.

Base Running Tips From the Dugout

base running tips ~ from the dugout

It is always good to assume you are scoring on a base hit, from second base. If you are, then you are running at full speed right out of your secondary lead.

Picking up your base coach early, you will see they are already telling you to score. Your job is to go, until they stop you.

By doing so, it forces the defense to come up throwing and make a play. Your base coach is attempting to score your run, if that doesn't look like it will happen, he will hold you and allow the batter / base runner an opportunity to advance to second, should the throw miss the cutoff, or the defense elects to let it go through.

That opportunity is only available if the runner from second goes full out, looking to score.

Additional Topics On This Fun, Yet Overlooked Part Of The Game

Base Running

What gravy is to Thanksgiving, the running game is to baseball.

Home To First

A full out sprint towards first base; REMEMBER, HUSTLE NEVER HAS A BAD DAY.

First To Second

Look immediately to the person giving the signs.

First To Third

The runner needs to think "Coach ~ Base ~ Coach", for his reads.

Third To Home

For the base runner, this is the exception in leadoffs, as you lead off in foul territory.

Stealing Second

As you step out into your lead, all these feelings intensify as you lock in on that one movement the pitcher is about to make, a movement that will send you speeding towards second base.

Stealing Third

It is often easier to steal third base, than second.

Delayed Steal

Here you are using the element of surprise, a great equalizer.

Special Plays

Plays designed to amp up your running game, catching your opponent off guard while creating pressure on the defense.

25 Ways To Score

These 25 ways to score from third base are one reason teams work so hard at getting a runner to third base.

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