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There is a guy on first base and the batter hits a bunt down the first base line I'm the second baseman what should I do

Sacrifice Bunt - Runner On First

Sacrifice Bunt - Runner On First

There is a guy on first base and the batter hits a bunt down the first base line. I'm the second baseman what do I do?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

In the diagram above, you can see where each of the defensive players go in this situation.

With the first baseman charging when the batter indicates he is bunting, the second baseman has the responsibility to get to first base.

Due to the frequency of this play, it is a good idea, for second basemen, to practice their footwork around the first base bag, as you essentially become a first baseman. Often, if the bunt shows late, you have little or no time to locate the base and get set up. Practicing this skill can eliminate errors down the road.

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Baseball Defensive Situations

Sacrifice Bunt Runner On Firstbase

First Base Fundamentals

Along with the situation for which you had a question, there are numerous additional situations the second baseman is responsible for.

Anytime there is a pitch, there is the opportunity for a defensive situation to be created requiring a quick response, whether the ball is hit or not. It is essential to practice and learn positional responsibilities.

There is always someplace defensive players should be moving to. If you are just standing there, something is wrong and you should feel uncomfortable if you are not moving. Work to avoid those non-movement moments.

In the link above to baseball defensive situations, you can see where everyone's responsibilities are for the various situations which can come up.

Study them, physically practice them to the point that your responses are automatic. If you have to stop and think about where to go after the play starts to develop, you and your team are in trouble.

Good luck as you work into your season.

Yours in baseball,


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