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Sacrifice Bunt Runner Firstbase ~ Look For The Play On The Lead Runner First!

In this sacrifice bunt runner first base, each player has a specific assignment within the situation.

sacrifice bunt runner on first

P: Has bunts up the third base side and in front of the mound. If the 3B fields the bunt, the pitcher goes to cover 3B.

C: Has balls out in front of the plate, as well as making the call as to where the play is going. Look to backup first base, in case there is a DP attempt.

1B: Holds runner on, breaks on the pitch, responsible for balls bunted up the first base side.

2B: Covers first base.

SS: Covers second base.

3B: Reads the bunt, covers 3B, unless the ball is bunted on the third base side, where the pitcher will not be able to field it. He must then make a quick decision and come field the bunt.

LF: Comes in behind 3B to backup a possible throw from first base to third, should the runner from 1B keep going.

CF: Heads straight for 2B, to backup the possible throw to second.

RF: Comes to the right field line to backup the throw to first base.

Sacrifice Bunt Tips ~ From the Dugout

si tips ~ from the dugout

  • Player fielding the bunt should look to get the lead runner, if he can't, get the out at first.

  • SS, turn the double play if there is any chance at all.

  • Outfielders need to hustle to their backups, it will be the difference on a bad throw, whether the runner advances another base, or not.

  • As with all defensive situations, success is all about decisiveness and confidence.

Every One, On Every Play, Is In The Right Position

Sacrifice Bunt Diagrams

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