The Ole Ball Game

Single Center Field Special

middle infield switch

In this single center field special, runner on first, the shortstop and second baseman switch up their specific assignment within the situation.

  • P: Backup 3B

  • C: Backup P if needed

  • 1B: Stay at 1B

  • 2B: Goes to catch the ball, continues on and becomes cutoff to 3B

  • SS: Goes to catch the ball, continues on and comes back to cover 2B

  • 3B: Covers 3B

  • LF: Backup 3B

  • RF: Backup 2B

  • CF: Catches the ball and throws "through" the cutoff to 3B

Cutoff Switch Tips ~ From the Dugout

single cutoff switch tips ~ from the dugout

  • Use this middle infielder switch on a basehit, where they have both moved to the middle attempting to come up with the ball.
  • Infielders yell "switch", and change responsibilities, with the 2B becoming the cutoff to third, and the SS coming back to cover 2B.

    Since they are already going in that direction, it makes getting into position less complicated.

    All part of thinking and communicating "on the run"!

I Figure Practice Puts Your Brains In Your Muscles ( Sam Snead ~ PGA Golfer )

Single Cutoff Diagrams

return from single center field rof middle infield switch to the ole

Baseball on green grass



Louisville Sluggers. 1920's


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