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Sacrifice Bunt Runner Secondbase ~ A High Level Of Communication Between The Third Baseman and Pitcher Is Essential!

sacrifice bunt runner second base

In this sacrifice bunt runner secondbase, each player has a specific assignment within the situation.

P: Responsible for bunts up the third base side, if 3B fields bunt pitcher goes to 3B.

C: Fields anything he can get to out in front of the plate, and makes the call as to where the play is going to.

1B: Holds runner on first, crashes on the pitch, has responsibility for balls bunted up the first base side.

2B: Cover 1B. If the throw comes to 1B, look to third base right away. You may have an opportunity to back pick on an extra wide turn, or the runner may just keep on going. Be ready!

SS: Works the runner at second, goes to second on the bunt.

3B: In this defense, the 3B is responsible to remind the pitcher to get the third base side. If the pitcher does not field the bunt, but the third baseman does, pitcher goes to third base.

LF: Comes hard towards 3B to backup.

CF: Comes hard towards 2B.

RF: Comes to the right field line to back up throw to first base.

Sacrifice Bunt Tips ~ From the Dugout

sacrifice bunt tips ~ from the dugout

  • Decisive communication between the 3B and the P is essential. If the pitcher fields the bunt, 3B must get back to third.

  • If the 3B fields the bunt, P goes to 3B.

  • The decision on whether to field this bunt is the hardest decision a 3B will have to make. In general, if the ball is close to the 3B line, come and get it. If it is bunted hard, come and get it.

  • SS concentrates on keeping the runner at 2B close. If successful, the opportunity is there to get the out at 3B.

Every One, On Every Play, Is In The Right Position

Sacrifice Bunt Diagrams

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