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is the runner at first out?

Out at first, force removed.

Out at first, force removed.

Anonymous asked: Ground ball hit, runner on first.

Guy running to first is thrown out.

Runner from first stops running and goes back to first when ball is thrown to second.

Is the runner from first out?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

When the batter hit the ground ball, it forces the runner on first to vacate first base.

When the batter was thrown out at first base, that put out takes away the force at second base, so to get the base runner out, it becomes a tag play.

At the same time, once the force is eliminated, the runner is able to return to first base, if he can get there.

It sounds like he returned to first when the first baseman threw to second, and there was no return throw. To get the out on the base runner the defense would have had to tag him.

Runner safe.

On the site, if you go to force play removed, there is information on this particular situation.

Coaches teach their first basemen, when there is a runner on first, and the out at first base is recorded first, the 1B yells out tag, to alert the middle infielder covering that the force is off and they need to make a tag.

Most commonly occurs when, with a runner on first, the batter hits a ground ball to the first baseman, near the first base bag. He steps on first base, and as he is throwing to second yells tag, so they can complete the double play.

This elimination of the force holds true between all bases.

Yours in baseball,


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