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In a bunt defense, what is the reverse?

Wheel Play

Wheel Play

Anonymous asked: Where do the infielders go in the "reverse" bunt defense?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

To fully answer your question, I would need some additional clarification of the terminology "reverse bunt defense." It is a term I am not familiar with. If you could describe which bunt situation in particular you are referring to, I can go from there.

A couple of thoughts may cover it. The diagrams above are of a "wheel" rotation, for situations where you have a runner on second base, or first and second, as well as a back door pick off the same action.

This is generally used as a switch up way cover this situation, rather than a team's base way to cover it. If you truly need to get that out at third base, this is an option to make that happen.

The back door pick can be a demoralizer to an offense, without having to cover the bunt itself. It can eliminate some of the possibilities of a mistake within the defense, as there is less ball handling involved. It is all about deception and timing, one throw, one tag.

You can locate explanations of both diagrams at sacrifice bunt defense.

If you could send in another question elaborating on what the situation is you need clarified, I would appreciate it.

Yours in baseball,


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