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grounder to 2nd. How often does a runner on 2nd go to 3rd with no outs?

Runner on second

Runner on second

Anonymous asked: Grounder to 2nd. How often does a runner on 2nd go to 3rd with no outs?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

The image above is of a runner at second base, getting out into his secondary lead.

Players are taught to go to third base on ground balls hit to their left.

How many outs there are would not matter.

If the ball is hit directly at the runner, or to their right, they are taught to hold at second.

As a player, you are always on the lookout to pick up a base; but getting a runner to third base is on the top of the list.

Their are 25 ways to score from third base, than from second base.

These do not always come up on a regular basis; but none of the 25 happen if there is no runner on 3B.

If the image above were Little league related, the runner would be in contact with the bag, or only a short distance off when the ball was hit.

The same principal is in place, they still go on ground balls hit to their left, stay on ground balls to their right.

Good base runners will read the ball off the bat and be gone, even with balls hit right at them.

Base running is all about the little things, always looking to take the extra base, putting pressure on the defense.

Yours in baseball,


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