The Ole Ball Game

Fly Ball Center Field ~ Runner On Third

single cutoff

In this fly ball center field, runner on third, each player has a specific assignment within the situation.

  • P: Backup home plate

  • C: Cover home plate, line up cutoff

  • 1B: Go behind mound as cutoff

  • 2B: Cover 1B

  • SS: Covers 2B

  • 3B: Cover 3B

  • LF: Move towards CF

  • RF: Move towards 1B

  • CF: Make catch, throw "through" cutoff man to plate

Single Cutoff Tips ~ From the Dugout

single cutoff tips ~ from the dugout

  • The most difficult part of cutoffs is to keep everyone moving to where they should be, everytime. They may only have one opportunity in a season to use that backup; but it will only happen if they have gone there the 100 times before.

I Figure Practice Puts Your Brains In Your Muscles ( Sam Snead ~ PGA Golfer )

Single Cutoff Diagrams

return from fly ball center field runner on third to the ole

Baseball on green grass



Louisville Sluggers. 1920's


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