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Does this website or another supply statistics for MLB teams batting average with 2 strikes?

by Jason

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Jason asked: I am trying to find MLB team batting averages throughout the 162 games with two strike counts? Can you give me advice?
Jason, CA

Rick answered: Jason, thank you for your question.

You can find all you need and more at baseball reference

This is a tremendous site for baseball statistics. To gain access to the types of information you are looking for, hitting splits by counts for all of MLB or specific teams or individual players, you would need to become a member. It is somewhere around $30.00 for a year of unlimited access.

On theoleballgame there are four pages which have hitting splits information on them, which would give you some idea of the things you can locate there. The links are:

Derek Jeter On Deck ( Section on this page of Jeters' 2009 hitting splits, which includes his two strike at bats.)

Hitting Team Approach (Some team splits by counts for 2007, MLB and the Az D'backs.)

Batting Splits By Counts (Top 10 averages in NL and AL in 2009, batting splits by counts.)

Batting Average Analysis (MLB team splits by counts 2000, 2007, 2008, 2009. MLB % of at bats with 2 strikes, MLB Avg's in 2 strike counts.)

I believe you will be able to locate information on virtually any baseball statistic you are seeking at Baseball Reference.

Good luck in your search.

Yours in baseball,


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