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Cutoff responsibilities

by Steve
(Syracuse, NY)

Steve asked:On single to center, who is the cutoff man?

Rick answered: Steve, thank you for your question.

I use my shortstop as the cutoff if the ball is hit over the second base bag, or to the left field side of the bag.

If it is hit to the right field side of the bag, I use the second baseman.

The links below will take you to pages on the site which talk about Single and double cutoffs and some of the philosophy behind what there is to accomplish.

There are also links to diagrams of each of the single and double cutoffs.

The defensive cutoff system is a tremendous way to generate team communication and confidence. Once players know where to go and why they go there, it is easily reinforced with a team defensive drill which enables players to get defensive work, as well as base running work, all in one segment.

You can use this drill just for the cutoffs; but it's greatest contribution comes as a team defensive situation drill, where you are able to create any and all situations that could possibly occur, in a controlled environment, where you can stop action and teach.

Yours in baseball,


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