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with the bases loaded and there is umpire interfence does a run score

by Vernon Woods
(Galt, Ca)

Fair Ball, If It Hooks Foul And Hits Umpire, Interference

Fair Ball, If It Hooks Foul And Hits Umpire, Interference

Vernon asked: The bases are loaded and there is umpire interference on the batted ball.

Does the runner score or is he simply removed from the base?

Rick answered: Vernon, thank you for your question.

It is umpire's interference when an umpire is struck by a fair batted ball before it touches a fielder, including the pitcher, or passes near an infielder other than the pitcher.

This can occur either because an umpire is inside the diamond, or because the ball crosses first or third base in fair territory then hooks or slices foul into the umpire positioned just outside the line, behind the bad.

In this case, the ball is dead, the batter is awarded first base, and all other runners advance, only if forced.

With the bases loaded, runner from third base would score on umpire interference.

Yours in baseball,


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